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23 Mar Why Do You Need to Install Software Updates?

Software updates can be a nuisance. They pop up when you’re in the middle of something important, and most of us have horror stories of installing updates only for the software to stop working afterwards. As a result of this intrusion, many of us ignore or decline updates, but updating your software can help prevent crashes and other system and software problems, helps plug any security holes in the software, and it gives you access to the latest versions.

So, why should you update software when you’re prompted to do so?

1. Protect your PC

When it comes to software like anti-spyware and anti-virus software, you need to ensure that you have the latest virus definitions installed. If you don’t, then your computer is more likely to have spyware, malware, and viruses. Not only can these ruin the performance of your PC, but they leave you vulnerable to having personal information stolen and more. Updating virus definitions is not the same as updating software, but it is essential. You can set security software up to automatically download and install the latest updates, which means that you can set it for a quiet and convenient time.

2. Fix security vulnerabilities

You also leave your computer prone to malicious attack if you fail to update other software, especially your operating system and browser. Hackers are constantly looking for security vulnerabilities in this software because gaining access to important software like this will give them easier and direct access to your most important personal data.

Software developers react to potential threats by updating their software, but for these updates to take effect, you need to download and install them on your system. This means performing software updates protects your computer from security threats, and it also protects you and your personal data.

3. Fix bugs

Bugs are unexpected and undesirable flaws in the software. The best software goes through numerous rounds of testing, to try and subject the software to every real-world environment that it will encounter. However, even the most rigorous testing will not cover every possible use of the software, when you consider that one piece of software can interact with others, system settings can also effect the software, while any changes you make to the computer can cause unexpected errors and bugs to occur.

Software updates include fixes for the most common bugs that have been reported. If you fail to install these updates, you are likely to suffer with poor functioning software, a slow computer, and other potential problems.

4. Access the latest product updates

If software is still supported by its developers, they may look for ways to improve the software. Once a number of improvements have been made, or if there are bug fixes and other updates due for release, a software update will incorporate these improvements. As such, downloading and installing the latest software updates provides you with access to the latest versions of your software.

There is a difference between updating and upgrading software. Updating software does not require that you uninstall the old software and reinstall the updated version. Updates are provided as patches, which means that all you need do is respond to the popup when it asks you if you want to update.

What happens if you don’t update?

There are obvious benefits to updating software. You could gain access to new and improved features, fix bugs that have been affecting your computer system, and improve the overall performance of your applications.

Hidden benefits, such as improved security, also exist, and as well as the benefits of installing updates, you also eliminate the risks and problems associated with not updating your software.

Updates are usually easy to perform. Most software will tell you that an updated version is available, and then ask if you wish to install the update. Let the software update, or set it to remind you again. Don’t keep putting off updates and don’t ignore them altogether. They may take a few minutes to finish installing, but this is considerably less time than it will take for virus removal or to fix a slow computer or slow laptop.

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