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20 Feb How to Survive Without a DVD Drive in Your Laptop


Laptop DVD drives could soon be a thing of the past. Many new laptops have already ditched the drive in favour of space-saving, lightweight designs – like Apple’s ultra-thin new MacBook Pro – and with a whole host of alternative options, most companies don’t see the point in adding this old-school feature anymore. But if you’ve always had one, the transition to a laptop without a DVD drive can be a little disconcerting to begin with. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a handy list of five ways to survive should your next laptop come without a DVD drive built in:

1. Buy an external DVD drive

This is the most simple and direct way of overcoming the absence of a DVD drive – just buy an external drive, plug it into your USB port, pop in your CD or DVD and you are good to go! You’ll still be able to watch all of the DVDs you already own and listen to your music library, without having to make space on your laptop for files.

There are lots of different external DVD drives to choose from and the best model for you will depend on your use and location. If you’re mainly home-based, you can opt for one of the slightly larger and more robust DVD drives, whereas if you’re on the move a lot and like to be able to watch movies and listen to music anywhere, you’ll want to purchase one of the lighter and more portable models.

2. Rip movies and music to your laptop

If you don’t want the hassle of carrying around an external drive and discs each time you want to watch a movie, think about spending a little extra time ripping your favourite movies and music to your laptop as files.

While this is more time-consuming than just plugging in an external DVD drive, it allows you to have complete flexibility over where and when you watch your movie or listen to your music. There are lots of options available online to help you rip your movies – including the fast and free MakeMKV download system – but remember that movie files can take up a lot of space depending on which system you use to rip your files.

3. Download movies and music

This is the most obvious solution to surviving without a DVD drive – simply download the movies and music you would like to have on your computer using programmes like iTunes. You’ll have access to thousands of the top films, TV shows, music albums and more. This option is great if you need to update your library, but it can be expensive if you already have a large collection of films on DVD and Blu-Ray. There are free download websites but be wary of pirate sites with poor-quality films.

4. Stream online instantly

If you’re a TV and movie addict, one of the best ways to cope without a DVD disc drive is to sign up to an online streaming site. There are so many to choose from and you can find all of the latest TV series, cinema releases and classic films on the biggest sites. NowTV and Netflix are two of the most popular options and offer users a huge selection of the most popular shows for a monthly fee. You can also find plenty of free online streaming sites, but these are often illegal and offer pretty poor watching quality.

5. Buy a flash drive

For the less frequent users, those who have a smaller DVD collection or are constantly on the move, another great and relatively cheap option is to invest in a large flash or pen drive. While you won’t be able to copy every film you’ve ever owned, a flash drive is an excellent choice for those who want to keep their movies and music on hand – without taking up space on their laptop’s drive.

Flash drives come in a range of sizes and can be picked up on sites like Amazon for a fraction of the price of larger, external DVD drives. They are also great for sharing and swapping movies and music with friends – cutting down on the price of purchasing new files.

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