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08 Nov Why is My laptop So Slow?


A slow laptop is more than just a nuisance, at times it can feel as if you’re losing precious hours of your life just waiting for your emails to open. The frustration of using a slow, confused laptop is enough to make even the most patient of us scream, while the least patient of us will just put it in the nearest bin and splash out on a newer model. Without regular maintenance and checks, all laptops and computers get slower with age but there are simple reasons for this and simple steps you can take to speed things up.


What software is your laptop currently running?

Your laptop will be running considerably slower if it is trying to do several things at once. On starting up your laptop, certain programs will automatically boot up such as Windows Defender, your firewall  or your anti-virus software. Unfortunately, other software that you probably do not need to be running might have elected to start up, too. Check your start-up settings and task manager to identify any unnecessary start-up programs. For the same reason it is worth exiting programs that you are not using completely, as these will cause your processor to slow.


Have you got up to date anti-virus software?

Not all anti-virus software is created equal. Some programs are more demanding of your processor than others and some have a habit of slowing down your laptop. It is a good idea to do a little research into which anti-virus software you think is right for you; good anti-virus is not expensive; indeed, some perfectly adequate programs are free. It is not enough, however, just to have the software: it needs to be kept up to date (most software, with your permission, will automatically update itself). If you are installing anti-virus software for the first time, use it to fully scan your computer.


Have you downloaded malware?

Malware is software that you have either knowingly or unknowingly installed on your computer or laptop. Malware mines or steals information, and can harm your laptop in any other number of ways. There are many good anti-malware programs available to identify and remove them if your anti-virus software does not have that base already covered. Never download anything you cannot be certain of the origin of and always scan any files or email attachments before opening them.


Is your laptop just full?

Despite laptops and computers coming with ever-increasing storage capacities, our appetite for downloading and storing ever larger files means that we fill them up as quickly as ever! Deleting movies, music and other files you no longer need or transferring them to an external hard drive can certainly allow your laptop to run more smoothly. Laptops do eventually slow with age, but there’s no reason to abandon yours just yet!

And if you are a Londoner and get stuck, you can always call on us to help fix that darn laptop!

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